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LIFESTYLE – “Savoir Vivre” : A Beautiful Day in Nancy (EN)

“Savoir Vivre” : A Beautiful Day in Nancy

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“Nancy”, located in The North-east of France, is a charming, authentic city to experience the French way of life. As a cultural center, you can discover Art Nouveau, fairytale places and the art of “savoir vivre” in the “City of the Golden Gates”.

When I arrived in “Nancy”, it was a day straight out of a picture book. The sun was shining bright at place Place Stanislas, the light stones and golden gates were glowing against the backdrop of the steel blue sky. Life was bustling in the cafés surrounding the picturesque square. The marvelous embellished gates of the UNESCO World Heritage Site have given Nancy also the name “City of the Golden Gates”.

S A V O I R  V I V R E

You could feel the French art of “Savoir Vivre” in the restaurants and cafés, where people were taking the time to relax & socialize, soaking up the sunrays of this beautiful day. Nicely dressed up women and friendly elderly passed me in the narrow streets with ancient house facades. When I approached Parc de la Pépinière, a vast green oasis behind Place Stanislas, the smell of Crêpes and spring was lying in the air. In the shades of the tree avenues, the sound of guitar music rang and all I was thinking – “La Vie Est Belle”!

N O T R E  D A M E

D E   N A N C Y


S T R E E T  A R T

“Don`t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”


The “École de Nancy”, a group of artists and architects, made Nancy a center of art and architecture that rivaled Paris. Inspiring art can be found also in the streets of Nancy. Jef Aerosol has painted an impressive mural of king Stanislaw at the facade of the “Aquarium de Nancy” Museum. Close to “Place Stanislas”, Aerosol created another beautiful mural of two lovers and a portrait of the French artist “Arthy Mad”.

P A R C  D E  L A  P E P I N I E R E

Early in the next morning, an artist was painting the golden gates at the still empty Place Stanislas. The unreal scene captured the artistry and picturesqueness of France – and I felt like I was stepping out of a beautiful painting. 

À bientôt !

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